Photograph by Jean-Leo Dugast in The Supernatural in
Thai Life
by John Hoskin (Bangkok:  Tamarind Press, 1993)

African Traditional Religions

Alan B. Howell's Annotated Bibliography of Internet Resources on African Traditional Religion (ATR)

The Ifa Foundation Website -- Ifa is an American religious movement rooted in West African traditional religion.

African Religion -- a website sponsored by the African Educational Research Network at North Carolina State University.

African Traditional & Derived Religion -- A Research Guide -- an excellent research site provided by the College of the Holy Cross.

Ancestor Reverence: Calling the Ancestors --

Uganda: Becoming a Diviner --

An Overview --


African Gods in America  --  by William E. Cashion, II

Puerto Rican Santeria -- an academic paper on Santeria, focusing particularly on the syncretism of African and Catholic beliefs and practices.

Santeria -- another description of Caribbean Santeria, more in-depth than the above paper.

Palo and Lukumi Organization -- "The purpose of this site is to provide general and introductory information of the Afro-Cuban Palo and Lukumi belief systems. Palo.Org servers as a major resource of information for individuals, students and teachers world wide."

Santeria: A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic -- an online book concerning the practice of Santeria.

Santeria, Cuba's Third Social Force -- excellent informational article on the history and current practice of Santeria in Castro's Cuba, provided by Out There News.

Brazilian Spiritism

Spiritism in the Catholic Encyclopedia -- a brief encyclopedia article on the nature, practices, and history of spiritism.

The Spirits' Book -- a compilation by Allan Kardec of the spiritist doctrines, supposedly communicated to him by higher spirits.

The Umbanda Movement -- 

New Age

AvatarSearch -- Occult Directory

Native American Religion

An American Revival  -- a modern practitioner of native American animism advertises his practice.  This site is helpful in showing the above-mentioned resurgence of native American religious beliefs and as a vivid description of the pragmatic nature of animism.