Biblical Resources on Animistic Powers and Practices

Western missionaries and theologians, having mind-sets conditioned by the secular perspective in Western theology, are consistently surprised to hear that their host peoples interpret literally biblical passages that they have either ignored or in some way demythologized.  For example, P.T. O'Bien, who taught in an Indian theological school, relates the dissatisfaction of Asian students with Western commentaries because they fail to "take seriously the accounts about demons, exorcism, or Christ's defeat of them" (1984, 130).  Thus James Stewart, in a perceptive article in the Scottish Journal of Theology, called the study of spiritual powers "a neglected emphasis in the New Testament theology" because these elements "are integral and basic components to the gospel" (1951, 292, 294).  Since Stewart's day, a few good commentaries and descriptions of spiritual powers have been written.  Some of these are included in this bibliography.  If you know of other sources that also should be in this bibliography, please Gailyn Van Rheenen.

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