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The site consists of the four components detailed below.

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What's the best way to foster the study of Christian mission? Dialogue! The  .com  blog brings together diverse perspectives from across the spectrum of Christian mission studies. We're not promoting one viewpoint —evangelical or ecumenical, Western or Majority-World, practical or theological, traditional or avante garde. Instead, we're opening a space for discourse among serious students of mission from all kinds of backgrounds.


The Missiology Podcast is a chance to get personal with prominent missiologists. We want to know their stories: why the study of mission has mattered in their lives and what it's all about. Also, to be honest, we're nerding out a little by using an ethnographic interview method in the podcast. The host, Martin Rodriguez, and producer, Greg McKinzie, hope our listeners enjoy hearing the unique voices of these authors and teachers.


The  .com  bibliography is a work in progress, but our aim is clear: to create a comprehensive database of missiological publications. Our bibliography application is fully searchable and allows users to filter and sort entries in a variety of ways.

We need help! If you're interested in volunteering to enter books into the bibliography, let us know


The internet is full of resources related to missiology. From academic journals to personal blogs, from digitized texts to online-only material, and from information about programs of study to  missions organizations' websites, it's a chaotic mess of information. The Resources section of  .com  orgainzes chaos in broad categories that make a us a one-stop menu for online study of mission. 

GVR Archive

Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen was the original owner of missiology.com/missiology.org, where he published his widely read Monthly Missiological Reflections and other resources for missions education. In honor of his legacy of scholarship and service to God’s mission and church, we are proud to host The Gailyn Van Rheenen Archive.