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As the ecumenical professional association for mission studies in North America, the American Society of Missiology includes more than 600 academicians, mission agency executives, and missionaries in a unique fellowship of scholarship and mission. It seeks to

  • Promote the scholarly study of theological, historical, social, and ...


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The Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies (CEEAMS) is an international and interdenominational platform for reflection on missiological issues and practice established in 2002 as an informal network, and facilitates a variety of initiatives in missiology in the region.


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We are a professional society with more than 350 members comprised of missiologists, mission administrators, teachers, pastors with strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology.

The Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS) exists to advance the cause of world evangelization. We do this through study and evaluation of ...


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The International Association for Mission Studies is an international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary professional society for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world and the related field of intercultural theology.


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Called and equipped by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are a Gospel-centered fellowship of mission theologian-practitioners that serves local churches and other Christian communities so we together embody the Kingdom of God through transformational engagement, both locally and globally.

 Langham Partnership

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Langham Partnership is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT of Christ-followers fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION by equipping and resourcing indigenous leaders around the world to MULTIPLY DISCIPLES in their families, churches and communities.

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